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Unlike other sites, our tutoring site is ONLY focused on providing help for the Next Generation NCLEX

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Updated to the NGN 

One-On-One Coaching

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With the Right Tutor, You Can Pass the NCLEX

NCLEX Tutoring Services has dedicated over 10 years to supporting students with the NCLEX Exam via online tutoring services. We have devoted our lives to NCLEX and ensuring our students get the best tutoring to be successful. NCLEX Tutoring Services’ has helped countless students in passing. We are proud to announce our redesigned program is aligned with the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). 


What We Offer For The Next Generation NCLEX

NCLEX Tutoring Services has spent countless hours updating the tutoring program to provide resources aligned to the new NGN exam. Based on our research, our online one-on-one tutoring services provide more NGN exposure than any other site for NCLEX online tutoring. Unlike other tutoring programs that will use free online materials or resources that you may have brought previously, our Next Generation NCLEX materials are developed by our partners or internally by our NCLEX experts. 


NGN Case Studies

Our NCLEX tutoring program includes evolving NGN case studies consisting of over 200 questions that represent what is on the actual NGN. 


NGN Bow Tie Questions

Bow-Tie questions are new exam items on the NGN, and our NCLEX classes get you exposed to many Bow-Tie Case Study Questions.


NGN Strategies

Strategies to answer the NGN exam questions are of utmost importance. Our tutoring program includes over 150 strategies dedicated to the NGN.


NGN Stand Alone Questions

Our NCLEX Tutors will engage you with Stand Alone NGN questions with case studies focused on common disease processes seen on the exam.

Trusted Among Nursing Students

With over 10 years of experience in tutoring students to pass NCLEX, our NCLEX online tutoring program has more video reviews than many other programs out there. 

How We Differentiate

By focusing on NCLEX for over a decade, our NCLEX tutoring program is uniquely positioned to have unparalleled knowledge of how the exams are developed and the updates made to the exams. Our NCLEX success record is one of the best in the industry:

  • Completed countless hours of live online tutoring and research and development for NCLEX in our history.

  • Maintained the highest passing rate program with our online tutoring classes for repeat test-takers in the country.​

  • High passing rate NCLEX tutoring program for international students and recognized as the best.

  • Ranked the top NCLEX tutoring program aligned to the real exam by students, top universities, schools, and nursing preparation programs.

Comprehensive NCLEX Classes 

Get Ready to Start Your Nursing Career   Pass the Next Generation NCLEX

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