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Features of Our Program

Our program is customized to your exam date and needs.


Customized Study Plan and Diagnostic Test

Unlike many other programs that provide pre-made study schedules, we offer a distinctive approach by developing a customized study plan tailored to your specific exam date, strengths, and needs. Our program begins with a comprehensive diagnostic test, enabling us to create a study plan that is uniquely suited to address your needs. Once the study plan is developed, we schedule a personalized phone coaching session to guide you through the details and nuances of your customized study plan. We take pride in providing individualized attention to developing your study plan, distinguishing our program from others in the marketplace.


NCLEX Phone Coaching and Online Tutoring

Our comprehensive NCLEX review courses offer a combination of phone coaching and online tutoring. While many companies solely focus on selling questions and content, we are committed nursing educators who are genuinely invested in being a part of your NCLEX success story. With our NCLEX Coaching service, you can schedule phone calls with our specialized experts to discuss planning, track progress, devise effective strategies, and receive invaluable guidance. Additionally, our NCLEX Online Tutoring service ensures you have a personalized online tutor available to answer your questions, offering convenient access to assistance whenever you need it.


Visual Interactive PowerPoint Slides

Our NCLEX review courses feature cutting-edge PowerPoint slides that offer an in-depth and targeted content review. Unlike other programs that cover everything taught in nursing school, our PowerPoints are thoughtfully designed to focus exclusively on the content relevant to the Next Generation NCLEX. These slides are organized into three collections: Core NCLEX Content, Pharmacology, and Disease Process. Each collection presents concise information that enhances retention and understanding, complemented by visually engaging aids that support your learning experience to pass NCLEX.


Next Generation NCLEX Case Studies

Our NCLEX review program stands out by offering an extensive collection of ~200 NGN Case Study Questions, surpassing the offerings of many other companies. These case studies specifically cover disease processes commonly encountered on the exam, providing a realistic reflection of what you can expect on the actual NCLEX. Each NGN Case Study is accompanied by detailed explanations. These explanations serve as invaluable resources to guide you through the process of answering case studies effectively. Moreover, within these explanations, we go a step further by providing strategies that can be applied to future case studies, equipping you with valuable problem-solving techniques.


2,300+ NCLEX Exam Questions

Our comprehensive NCLEX review program offers an extensive bank of over 2,300 NGN questions, ensuring you are fully prepared to excel on the NCLEX exam. These thoughtfully crafted questions are designed to closely mirror the topics and formats encountered on the actual exam. To accurately simulate the NCLEX experience, we align the phrasing of our questions with the style and structure found on the real exam. By adopting this approach, we enable you to become familiar with the language and nuances of the NCLEX, effectively enhancing your ability to navigate and respond to questions confidently.


Next Generation NCLEX Strategies

Acquiring various strategies can prove instrumental in determining your success. Within our review, we provide strategies that encompass effective study, test-taking, anxiety reduction, guessing, SATA, and NGN strategies. With a comprehensive offering of over 150 strategies, we are committed to equipping you with the tools and knowledge necessary to position yourself for success on your exam. Our strategies provide you with a holistic approach to learning and mastering the material. These strategies will optimize your chances of passing and enhance your overall exam performance.

NCLEX Tutors Helping Students Pass 

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