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NCLEX Tutoring Services’ commitment is to support individuals in reaching their aspirations of becoming a nurse. Delivering quality instruction online, NCLEX Tutoring Services is a top service provider for NCLEX test preparation. We are an educational organization providing online tutoring and test preparation for individuals seeking to pass Next Generation NCLEX (NGN). The organization provides online tutoring courses for NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, and NCLEX-LVN, which are all updated to the Next Generation NCLEX. Founded by individuals with a passion for teaching and an interest in nursing, the organization is committed to helping students succeed with customized, effective, and convenient solutions.


Our team of experts fully understands what it takes to be a nurse. The tutors have supported first-time test-takers, repeat test-takers, and international students. Over the years, the tutors at NCLEX Tutoring Services have gained detailed information regarding the NCLEX exams, and the team has helped many students pass the exam.


NCLEX Tutoring Services is one of the few United States-based companies providing services on updated nursing exams. Through our virtual whiteboard and chat workspace, we provide an interactive environment to both tutors and students. Our success in helping students is incomparable to other service providers of the exam. Personal one-on-one online instruction has proven to be successful in helping students pass the NCLEX.


We provide test prep services for the following subject areas:


  • Next Generation NCLEX-RN - National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses

  • Next Generation NCLEX-PN/LVN - National Council Licensure Examination for Practicing Nurses

  • NCLEX Exit Exams (exams completed during and at the end of nursing school)


About the Experts at NCLEX Tutoring Services


Our organization focuses on providing quality services for the NCLEX exam, so we employ individuals with a strong knowledge of NCLEX and a deep commitment to ensuring all students pass the exam. The hiring process specifically looks for individuals with experience teaching NCLEX content and knowledge of working with students with different learning needs. We help international students, first-time test takers, repeat test-takers, and students with learning needs, so our tutors have to have knowledge related to NCLEX and experience in accommodating different learning needs. Some of the qualities of tutors we look for at our organization include the following:


  • NCLEX training is required,

  • Strong content knowledge related to nursing and standardized exams,

  • Passed NCLEX Exam,

  • Experienced developing NCLEX content and questions,

  • Involved in at least one research project for exam content and/or

  • Previous experience as a tutor, professional, or college instructor

  • (NOTE: The main requirement is strong test-taking knowledge and nursing content knowledge for NCLEX.)


Why are we the best in the industry to pass NCLEX?

Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) content, questions, and strategies included.

We are one of the very few online NCLEX tutoring companies that provide original NGN materials aligned to what is seen on the actual exam. The case studies and NGN questions are internally developed by experts who have knowledge of how the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) develops exam questions.

Unparalleled experience in helping students pass NCLEX.

NCLEX Tutoring Services focus on the NCLEX exam ONLY. We specialize in providing tutoring for the NCLEX exam. We do not provide general tutoring services. With years of experience in helping students pass NCLEX, we have the content knowledge and strategy approaches to support all types of learners. Many other tutoring sites help for many exams, but at this site, we only do NCLEX. We are the NCLEX experts.

Tutors who are verified to deliver content related to the NCLEX.

NCLEX Tutoring Services look specifically for educators, nurses, and tutors who have knowledge related to the NCLEX and nursing subject areas. The site focuses only on NCLEX.

Provide support aligned to the NCLEX exam.


We are the only online NCLEX one-on-one tutoring service company to provide original practice questions and materials aligned to that of the exam. Other tutoring companies will use the free stuff online or other programs you may have already brought, but we have developed our own NCLEX practice questions similar to what is seen on the NCLEX NGN exam.


Updated exam knowledge and practice questions related to the NCLEX exam.


We focus on the NCLEX every day and keep content and materials updated. We have reviewed the test plans released by the test makers for the NCLEX, and we have developed full-review tutoring programs that cover everything you need to pass.

Options to get free tutoring if you do not pass the exam.

NCLEX Tutoring Services is confident in getting you to pass, which is why we have course retake options if you fail.

NCLEX Tutors Helping Students Pass 

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