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NCLEX Tutoring Course Options - Limited Spots Available


Following are the options for the services offered by NCLEX Tutoring Services. To sign up, the first step is to make the payment. Once you make the payment, you will be contacted by our Agents. All classes include 30 minutes of Tutor Support per hour, consisting of grading, planning, writing progress reports, etc. NCLEX Tutors is a consulting-based company helping students pass the NCLEX Exam. Our Test Prep Tutoring Courses are based on a consulting service model; we provide full support to our students.

  • 8 Weeks Test Prep Course - This is the most successful program. The program requirement is to follow all directions given by the tutor, as you have no choice but to pass the exam. If you fail the exam after taking the 8 weeks program, you get signed up again for free. With reason, the program is unlimited support to ensure a passing score. As a result, we have limited openings per month for the 8 weeks program. NOTE: This course can be completed in 4 weeks by doubling up each week. Chat with an agent for more information and to sign up for 8 weeks course

  • 16 Weeks Test Prep Course - This course is for someone who has taken the exam more than 4 times and/or someone who has been out of school for many years. - 

How to sign up for our test prep courses?


Because we have limited spots for our test prep courses, we do not allow students to sign up directly online. To sign up for the program, students will have to chat online and sign up for the program. We will send an invoice to you to make the payment. Once you pay, you will start getting emails explaining how to schedule your first session. Students can use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

EZ NCLEX Tutors help students pass NCLEX every day.​










Undecided on what the best option is for you? Chat with an agent and get help in deciding the best option.


Don’t have the money to sign up for a test prep course? Use Affirm to make monthly payments. Call to learn more.


NOTE: Test Prep Course Includes Weekly Chat Tutoring Sessions (~45-60 minutes) - No refunds after payment.

Retakes are void if modifications to programs are made after payment.

Advice/Knowledge Disclaimer

Terms: The information provided is NOT to be used as advice or help for medical/health conditions. This service aims to offer up-to-date information, but cannot guarantee its accuracy as practices and procedures evolve.

NCLEX Tutors Helping Students Pass 

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